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CLUE Development Board Comes to PyCon

2/5/2020 | By Kevin Walseth

Let me CLUE you in on some news – Digi-Key Electronics and Adafruit have teamed up for another adventure at PyCon this year. Every attendee will receive a CLUE board (Digi-Key Part Number: 1528-4500-ND) courtesy courtesy of Digi-Key and Adafruit.

CLUE is a new board created by Adafruit with sensors, sensors, and more sensors. Along with these sensors, the CLUE development board is the same form factor as the BBC micro:bit, allowing it to be used with all of the existing card-edge expansion boards and add-on kits.

Here is a quick list of the basic features of the CLUE development board:

  • Programmable with the Arduino IDE or CircuitPython
  • Nordic nRF52840 Bluetooth LE processor - 1 MB of Flash, 256KB RAM, 64 MHz Cortex M4 processor
  • 1.3″ 240×240 Color IPS TFT display for high resolution text and graphics
  • Powered by any 3-6V battery source (internal regulator and protection diodes)
  • Two A / B user buttons and one reset button
  • Tons of sensors!
    • ST Micro series 9-DoF motion - LSM6DS33 Accel/Gyro + LIS3MDL magnetometer
    • APDS9960 Proximity, Light, Color, and Gesture Sensor
    • PDM Microphone sound sensor
    • SHT Humidity
    • BMP280 temperature and barometric pressure/altitude
  • RGB NeoPixel indicator LED
  • 2 MB internal flash storage for datalogging, images, fonts or CircuitPython code
  • Buzzer/speaker for playing tones and beeps
  • Two bright white LEDs in front for illumination / color sensing
  • Qwiic / STEMMA QT connector for adding more sensors, motor controllers, or displays over I2C

The CLUE development board is designed with enough flexibility that you can use it for all your projects. Between the sensors and the small, yet popular, form factor this board will be your new go-to for STEM activites, robotic kits, neopixel lights, and so much more. For further information on the CLUE board, check out the detail page found here:

Those attending PyCon will soon get your hands on one of these….. The rest of us will be CLUE-LESS.