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PUI Audio presents a Dynamic Speaker Management-Ready, or DSM-Ready, micro speaker that has been pre-characterized for use with Maxim’s DSM smart amplifier solution. It comes prepackaged in an IP67-rated compact enclosure, enabling easy system integration. This turnkey solution greatly increases the loudness and bass response safely and reliably within PUI’s strict speaker specifications. Using Maxim’s DSM Sound Studio GUI, simply load the provided voltage required to reach maximum excursion when setting the excursion limit in the “Characterize” section. This GUI allows users to develop a complete register map to customize DSM for their design. DSM-Ready speaker plus DSM Smart Amplifier delivers the easiest and fastest method for designing a high-performance speaker system in the shortest amount of time.

8/19/2019 1:36:44 PM

Part List

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SPEAKER ENCLOSURE 1 W 6 OHM 93 DASE02506MS-LW90-DSM-RSPEAKER ENCLOSURE 1 W 6 OHM 93 D2903 - InmediataVer detalles
IC AMP CLASS D MONO 6.5W 36WLPMAX98390EWX+IC AMP CLASS D MONO 6.5W 36WLP214 - InmediataVer detalles