LFRD001: 433 MHz TX-RX Set


The MAX1472 transmitter and MAX1473 receiver reference design (RD) is a self-contained evaluation platform for exercising both products as a remote keyless entry (RKE) demonstrator system. With the use of the MAXQ® USB-to-JTAG board (MAXQJTAG-USB), the MAXQ610 microcontroller on both the transmitter key fob board and the receiver board can be programmed by the end user.

A simple interface is provided on the transmitter (Tx) board, including four independent momentary switches and a user feedback LED. The Tx board includes a built-in printed-circuit board (PCB) antenna and operates off of a single CR2032 coin cell battery. The receiver (Rx) board includes one momentary switch and five LED connections to the microcontroller. An SMA connector is provided for attaching various Rx antennas, allowing the user to test different designs. The receiver is powered from a pair of AAA batteries.

Both the Tx and Rx boards are usable as-is. Gerber files are available for simple cut-and-paste designs of either the radio sections or the full implementation.


Manufacturer Maxim Integrated
Category Wireless Communication
Sub-Category Remote & Passive Keyless Entry (RKE,PKE)
Eval Board -
Design Author Maxim Integrated Products
Component Count + Extras 64 + 13
Application / Target Market Remote Controls
RF / Wireless
Range 230 m
Main I.C. Base Part MAX1472
Date Created By Author 2013-10
Date Added To Library 2014-11

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