What is Vishay Automotive Grade?

Vishay Automotive Grade is more than a standard, more than a process. It's our culture and how we partner with customers to ensure we're meeting their needs, with zero defects, zero incidents, and zero failures.

8/20/2021 7:44:21 PM

Part List

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
33UF 50V 6,3X6,3X7,7 105C 10000HMAL218297103E333UF 50V 6,3X6,3X7,7 105C 10000H0View Details
100UF 50V 10,0X10,0X10,5 105C 10MAL218297105E3100UF 50V 10,0X10,0X10,5 105C 100View Details
22UF 63V 6,3X6,3X7,7 105C 10000HMAL218297802E322UF 63V 6,3X6,3X7,7 105C 10000H0View Details
56UF 63V 10,0X10,0X10,5 105C 100MAL218297804E356UF 63V 10,0X10,0X10,5 105C 1000View Details
22UF 80V 8,0X8,0X10,5 105C 10000MAL218297701E322UF 80V 8,0X8,0X10,5 105C 100000View Details
33UF 80V 10,0X10,0X10,5 105C 100MAL218297702E333UF 80V 10,0X10,0X10,5 105C 100466 - ImmediateView Details
5,6UF 63V 6,3X6,3X5,8 105C 2000HMAL218497801E35,6UF 63V 6,3X6,3X5,8 105C 2000H0View Details
22UF 63V 8,0X8,0X11,7 105C 2000HMAL218497803E322UF 63V 8,0X8,0X11,7 105C 2000H180 - ImmediateView Details
33UF 63V 8,0X8,0X11,7 105C 2000HMAL218497804E333UF 63V 8,0X8,0X11,7 105C 2000H388 - ImmediateView Details
47UF 63V 10,0X10,0X12,4 105C 200MAL218497806E347UF 63V 10,0X10,0X12,4 105C 200238 - ImmediateView Details
12UF 80V 8,0X8,0X11,7 105C 2000HMAL218497701E312UF 80V 8,0X8,0X11,7 105C 2000H0View Details
22UF 80V 10,0X10,0X12,4 105C 200MAL218497702E322UF 80V 10,0X10,0X12,4 105C 2000View Details
47UF 80V 10,0X10,0X12,4 105C 200MAL218497703E347UF 80V 10,0X10,0X12,4 105C 200340 - ImmediateView Details
4,7UF 100V 6,3X6,3X7,7 105C 2000MAL218497901E34,7UF 100V 6,3X6,3X7,7 105C 20000View Details
10UF 100V 8,0X8,0X11,7 105C 2000MAL218497902E310UF 100V 8,0X8,0X11,7 105C 20000View Details
22UF 100V 10,0X10,0X12,4 105C 20MAL218497903E322UF 100V 10,0X10,0X12,4 105C 200View Details
100UF 16V 6,3X6,3X7,7 125C 2000HMAL218697502E3100UF 16V 6,3X6,3X7,7 125C 2000H68 - ImmediateView Details
330UF 16V 10,0X10,0X10,5 125C 20MAL218697509E3330UF 16V 10,0X10,0X10,5 125C 20433 - ImmediateView Details
180UF 20V 8,0X8,0X11,7 125C 2000MAL218697554E3180UF 20V 8,0X8,0X11,7 125C 20000View Details
120UF 25V 8,0X8,0X11,7 125C 2000MAL218697607E3120UF 25V 8,0X8,0X11,7 125C 20000View Details