How To Install IDC Connectors on a Cicoil Ribbon Cable

Video shows how to install standard, IDC connectors on a High-Flex Cicoil Ribbon Cable. IDC stands for Insulation Displacement Connector, and this is a standard connector used in many electronic devices and applications, to make simple and easy connections with standard ribbon cables. Cicoil makes very unique Ribbon Cables, as they are extremely flexible, versus PVC Ribbon cables, which are very stiff. Since Cicoil cables are so flexible, it takes a different technique to install IDC connectors,and this video shows how simple and easy it is to attach these standard connectors to standard Cicoil ribbon cables. Cicoil cables are made using clear silicone, which also makes the cable good for extreme environments, including temperatures from -65C to +260C.

11/1/2012 3:00:45 PM