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- Klein Tools is a company that makes products that can be counted on. Their only focus is on making hand tools that can stand up to the demands of the professionals who use them every day. Klein Tools uses superior workmanship, the highest quality materials, and keep their manufacturing as close to home as they can. Their hand tools can always be relied on to deliver all the performance, durability and precision needed to get a job done right.


Illumination Lights

Image of Klein Tools Illumination Lights

Klein Tools flashlight with work light is both a bright, focused flashlight and a broadcasting flood light in a small package. Learn More

Multi-Nut Drivers

Image of Klein Tools' Multi-nut drivers

Klein Tools' multi-nut drivers offer the convenience of multiple sizes of hex nut drivers in one tool to ensure you always have the size you need, when you need it most. Learn More

Specialty Measurement Meters

Image of Klien Tools Digital Pocket Thermometer, Carbon Monoxide Meter, and Digital Light Meter

Klein Tools features their easy-to-use digital pocket thermometer, carbon monoxide meter, and digital auto-ranging light meter. It's the perfect choice for HVAC professionals. Learn More

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Featured Products

Image of Klein Tools' Cable Skinning Knife

Cable Skinning Knife

Klein Tools’ cable skinning knife offers the time saving benefit of a replaceable blade. After a long session of cable skinning the blade can just be replaced with the exclusively designed cable skinning knife blade. Learn More

Image of Klein Tools' Slide Drive™, Tip-Ident® drivers

Slide Drive™, Tip-Ident® Drivers

Klein Tools' Slide Drive, Tip-Ident drivers with a unique, patented tip that slides back and forth from 1/4” to 5/16” and comes in a variety of lengths. Learn More

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Flexible Clamp Meter for Measuring Alternating Current (AC)

Klein Tools' AC meter with its 18" flexible clamp allows for convenient access to panels and other hard to reach places. Learn More

Long-Nose Wire Stripper/Crimper

Klein Tools' durable long-nose wire stripper/crimper is designed to grab, pull, and bend even the smallest wires. Learn More

Digital Clamp Meter

Klein Tools' digital clamp meter features a low impedance (LoZ) mode for identifying and eliminating ghost or stray voltages. Learn More

Telescoping Magnetic LED Pickup Tool

Klein Tools' telescoping magnetic LED pickup tool enables the consumer to retrieve any magnetic tool or part that drops out of reach, even in low light. Learn More

Coax Explorer® 2 Tester

The Klein Tools Coax Explorer 2 verifies proper continuity of F-connector coaxial cables and maps their location. Learn More

Pass-Thru™ Modular Crimper and Connectors

Klein Tools' Pass-Thru crimpers provide 2K+ cuts from durable, heat-treated blades. Pass-Thru connectors provide installation for voice and data applications. Learn More

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Tradesman Pro™ Tool Master Rolling Tool Bag

The rugged Tradesman Pro™ Tool Master Rolling Tool Bag from Klein Tools will easily roll over tough terrain with 8-Inch (203.2 mm) wheels, high clearance, and a heavy-duty telescoping handle.

High Voltage Non-Contact Testers

The features of the Klein Tools High Voltage Non-Contact Testers

Klein Tools Wi-Fi Borescope

The Klein Tools’ ET20 Borescope can be quickly connected to your smartphone via the built-in WiFi signal, turning the phone in your pocket into a smart tool.

Klein Tools’ Pocket Drivers

Klein Tools offers two new screwdrivers designed for your pocket.

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