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ACL Staticide, Inc.

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Custom ESD Mats

Improve your workspace with ACL Staticide’s custom mats. Each custom-cut Dualmat, Gemini, and SpecMat-H allows for a large range of sizes, special corner treatments, two female 10 mm snaps and no minimum quantity.

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About ACL Staticide, Inc.

Since the early days in 1969, ACL has been manufacturing and marketing anti-static products and office/computer cleaning and maintenance products. ACL Staticide markets through distributors, wholesalers, dealers, mail order houses and other specialty retailers in the United States, Canada, Mexico and 33 countries worldwide. The company has focused on the specialized needs of the electronics, plastics and other high-tech industries along with the needs of office and computer users.

Through the years, ACL Staticide has developed two product lines, which can be categorized, but not limited to, static control products for Industrial use and Commercial and office cleaning and static control products. Subsequently, ACL is one of the largest manufacturers of topical anti-static liquids, wipes and office/computer cleaning products. ACL's principal product is STATICIDE®; a proprietary branded anti-static compound.

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