ESD Voltage Suppressors

ESD Voltage Suppressors

Eaton-Electronics Division

This tutorial introduces ESD voltage suppressors and explains the operating mode of the various ESD device technologies. There will be a discussion of the benefits and limitations for each of the technologies, with recommendations for the circuit applications where each technology is most advantageous. The module begins with some basic ESD concepts, followed by an introduction to the Eaton ESD suppressor portfolio, with a short introduction of some of the competing technologies and concludes with some typical applications.

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VARISTOR 22V 30A 0603MLVA06V18C130VARISTOR 22V 30A 06030View Details
VARISTOR 105V 0402MLVB04V18C0R5VARISTOR 105V 040216662 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2011-08-03