Amplifiers and Linear Solutions - High Voltage

Texas Instruments delivers a broad portfolio of amplifier and linear solutions including precision and high speed op amps, instrumentation and differential amplifiers along with comparators. TI has an amplifier for any application. Get expert advice on your amplifier design problems with our amplifier forum, design tools, selection guides, calculators and SPICE models.


Operational Amplifiers

Operational Amplifiers Chip

Differentiate and innovate using the industry’s best operational amplifiers (op amps).

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Find a comparator with the right combination of speed, low power and flexibility for your design.

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Instrumentation Amplifiers

With high gain accuracy, DC precision and great CMRR, TI’s portfolio of instrumentation amplifiers maximize accuracy and space efficiency.

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Current Sense Amplifiers

From protection to feedback control and system monitoring, TI has a current sense solution to maximize your system.

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Programmable/Variable Gain Amplifiers (PGA/VGA)

Dynamically adjust the gain of your circuit up to 1000V/V with bandwidths up to 4.5GHz to meet your performance requirements.

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Special Function Amplifiers

High-performance amplifiers with specialized functionality for unique design needs.

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Difference Amplifiers

High accuracy and wide-common mode amplifiers that feature precision-matched resistor networks.

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