SOLISTRAND™, Budget, DIAMOND GRIP™ Terminals and Splices

TE Connectivity and Digi-Key feature three families of uninsulated terminals and splices

Image of TE Connectivity's SOLISTRAND™, Budget, and DIAMOND GRIP™ Terminals and SplicesTE Connectivity's SOLISTRAND™: SOLISTRAND™ terminals and splices are specially designed to terminate solid and stranded wire, irregular shaped conductors, and combinations of these while still retaining the performance characteristics of single purpose terminals and splices. Because AMP matches the terminal to the tool each termination is uniformly perfect, making quality control easy and performance consistent. The SOLISTRAND™ line includes parallel and butt splices, and flag, ring, spade, hooked, and flanged tongue terminals in sizes from 26 AWG to 600 MCM.

The Crimp - The "W" crimp is one of several superior crimp types developed by AMP. It is not just a "kink" in a metal barrel; not something pinched over electrical wire ends. The "W" is actually two longitudinal crimps applied with precisely controlled pressure so that the conductor within the barrel flows together into the dimples or serrations of the terminal barrel creating one homogeneous mass of metal.

The two indents also help to center conductors within the barrel for uniform crimping of the barrel around the wire. Furthermore, the "W" crimp permits the use of a shorter terminal barrel, an excellent feature for confined area termination. The "W" crimp creates terminations of optimum electrical properties and is completely reliable, giving long service in punishing environments.

  • Utilizes a brazed seam
  • Applied with "W" crimp tooling
  • Available in wire sizes 26 AWG - 600 MCM
  • For terminating solid and stranded wires
  • UL Listed, CSA Certified, Military Approved

Budget: Budget terminals and splices are primarily the same as SOLISTRAND™ products except for the absence of the brazed seam in the wire barrel. This terminal is ideal for applications where extreme vibration and tension on the wire are not present. These terminals and splices fulfill the need for an economical and electrically superior termination through the use of high grade materials, long plating experience and a proven crimp.

The Crimp - One of the most desirable features of this terminal and splice is the "F" crimp. This proven crimp configuration rolls the open seam barrel into the conductor presenting a large surface to the inside of the terminal barrel assuring optimum electrical performance. The Budget line includes butt splices, ring, rectangular, flanged spade, hooked, and spring spade tongue terminals in sizes 26 AWG to 10 AWG.

  • Utilizes a butted seam
  • Applied with "F" crimp tooling
  • Available in wire sizes 26 AWG - 10 AWG
  • For terminating stranded wires
  • UL Listed

DIAMOND GRIP™: The DIAMOND GRIP™ product line of terminals and splices is designed for completely uniform reliability under the most critical conditions of vibration, thermal shock, corrosion, tension, and current overload. AMP's mated tool/terminal concept represents a total approach to wire termination and takes into account all the factors of circuit termination. The uniformity of appearance of AMP terminations is repeated by their uniformity of performance made possible by designing the terminal and the tooling to match precisely. This promotes fast and easy crimping and assures precise crimping pressure for every wire size, regardless of the skill of the operator.

The Crimp - After the wire is inserted into the barrel, the matching dies in the AMP tool close over the barrel, exerting great pressure. This process causes the wire strands to flow into the serrations of the terminal barrel as it is compressed around them, forming a homogenous mass of the strands and terminal barrel. This maximum contact assures optimum conductivity of the termination.

  • Utilizes a butted seam
  • Metal insulation support sleeve with "V" notches
  • Applied with "C" crimp tooling
  • Available in wire sizes 26 AWG - 10 AWG
  • For terminating stranded wires
  • UL Listed, CSA Certified
Published: 2009-06-26