Prism® Lensed Surface Mount LEDs

Dialight's 591 series consists of 2 mA low-current, surface mount LEDs

Image of Dialight's Prism Lensed Surface Mount LEDsDialight's Prism lensed surface mount LEDs are RoHS reflow compatible, right-angle SMT indicator LEDs that offer the aesthetics of traditional lensed (through-hole) LEDs with all the benefits of surface-mount technology (compatible with automatic placement equipment). They are available with a round or square 3 mm lens and come with single-color, bi-color, or tri-color LEDs.

Prism Lensed Surface Mount LEDs

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusColorAvailable Quantity
LED PRISM 3MM RT ANG YEL/GRN SMT5913101013FLED PRISM 3MM RT ANG YEL/GRN SMTActiveGreen, Yellow10630 - ImmediateView Details
LED PRISM DIFFUSED RND RGB SMD5913501831FLED PRISM DIFFUSED RND RGB SMDActiveRed, Green, Blue (RGB)134 - ImmediateView Details
LED PRISM 3MM GREEN5912301113FLED PRISM 3MM GREENObsoleteGreen4240 - ImmediateView Details
LED RED PRISM/CBI 630NM SMD5912004013FLED RED PRISM/CBI 630NM SMDActiveRed1463 - ImmediateView Details
LED PRISM 3MM RND INGAN GRN SMD5912901007FLED PRISM 3MM RND INGAN GRN SMDActiveGreen309 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2011-04-04