Three Challenges the MultiCat Power Connector System Overcomes

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Size, weight and costs —these three design challenges often pose problems that can lead to sacrificing design preferences and increasing production time. As highly competitive, cost-conscious markets look for ways to reduce production costs, size and weight play a significant role in manufacturing. Many companies seek to miniaturize their components in pertinent applications, e.g., drones and commercial vehicles. Digi-Key offers the Molex MultiCat Power Connector system, which provides solutions by reducing the space needed and lowering production costs with lightweight features and overall dependability.

The Challenges

  1. Size limitations

    Many industries, including telecommunication and industrial automation, require small packaging without forfeiting reliability and high-current ratings.

  2. Weight constraints

    Common fastening features for connectors in the high-power arena are made of metal materials leading to weightier products.

  3. Cost Inefficiencies
  4. In competitive markets, cost-conscious OEMs are looking for ways to reduce production costs.

MultiCat Power Connector Features

The MultiCat Power Connector system promoted at Digi-Key has the following features and advantages to overcome the afore-mentioned design challenges:

Lightweight material—Customers can take advantage of premium housing features without paying the high cost associated with a metalized connector. All housing components are made of plastic which reduces the weight and allows customers to stay within their space and weight constraints.

CPA—MultiCat High-Power and Mid-Power Connector systems offer a connector position assurance (CPA) and positive lock with an audible click to ensure proper mating and sturdy retention. This makes it easy to mate and unmate, decreasing the assembly and maintenance time contributing to cost savings. With a visual indicator, there is assurance that the connector is properly engaged.

Solid mass contact—Molex’s high-power and mid-power contacts are solid-mass male terminals providing durability and a long-life cycle. The large mating surface supports maximum current-carrying capacity and transfers more power than stamped contacts.

Pre-crimped leads—Available in off-the-shelf pre-crimped leads, high-power contacts are designed to support development and production programs. These leads also offer a simple and cost-effective solution for pre-production and prototype requirements.

The Molex Solution

The MultiCat High- and Mid-Power Connector system with precision-machined contacts is a new product, but it has the same Molex reliability and expertise as their other products. With these power connectors, customers can depend on the features they have come to expect—scoop-proof design, hermaphroditic backshell, keying/coloring options and polarization—and rely on new features that overcome challenges faced by OEMs.

In competitive industries where quality, time and money challenge manufacturers to find the optimal balance for production, size, weight and cost play an important role in design and production. Consider Digi-Key for MultiCat High- and Mid-Power Connectors—a robust system designed to overcome the size, weight and cost challenges OEMs encounter in various industries.

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