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Our d'fl ren'ce rs m We know there are many enclosure supplier alternatives, but it’s our service that makes Hammond different. ’ve committed our people and resources 'ng you get exactly what you need, Hammond Distribution Center What you can expect: - 95% Fill Rate From Slockt - 10-Day Back Order Recovery. 0 Superior Delivery Service. . Helpful and Knowledgeable Inside Sales Team. What Service Excellence means for you: In today’s competitive business climate, the Hammond focus on service helps you where it counts most — on the bottom line. Superior fill rates means less inventory for you Quick, reliable delivery means fewer expedites and easily project delays Efficient phone support means less time waiting, more time doing what you do best
Broad Product Selection ...Produot solutions for virtually any application Our comprehensive Electrical Products Guide details our extensive offering of standard enclosure products - open the flaps of this brochure for an overview by product group. When a standard enclosure isn’t exactly what you need, Hammond offers various modification options. Industrial Type 12, 4, and 4X enclosures UL and CSA product approvals Various construction materials - mild steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, aluminum and polyester Sizes ranging from the smallest junction box to the largest multi-door freestanding enclosure Modification Services program which hcludes cutouts, size changes, custom paint finishes, etc. hammondmtg.com A library of enclosure specification tools available instantly. The web provides yet another option Our Website Features Include: in collecting product information. Our Electrical Products Guide available in PDF format Our website is mobile friendly and CAD drawings available in DXF/STEP/PDF Formats kept current to ensure you have Complete listing of North American distributors the most accurate information Visit Online literature downloacs and request forms hammondmfg.com regularly as it’s Current price lists in both Excel and PDF lormats being continually enhanced to add Advance search enclosures by size & type more useful functionality. Competitor cross reference
Dur line [it industrial enclosures covers a broad spent/um at design needs , clamped covers, it turil late/i covers, window doors, dual access, paiel mounting, DIN rail mounting, 19" rack mountinlr. etc, From small junction boxes to 5 door freestanding enclosures, we have your size, Most designs ale also available in both indoor (NEMA 12) and :iutdoor (NEMA 4) versions, - NEMA12 and NEMA 4 mild steel 0 Junction Boxes/JIC Encla- sures - over 30 sizes - traditional clamped covers, screw covers. - Floormount - over 20 sizes - double cbors with handles, double doors clamped. 0 Wallmounts » over 110 sizes - tra- - Freestanding - over 30 sizes - ditional clamped covers. modern VA turn doors, double doors, sloped top enclosures. 1414 NEMA 4 PH Eclipse Single Enclosure Door Enclosure 1422 Floolrnount 1 to 5 door versions. single and dual access. 141a Freestanding Enclosure Enclosure Tile Eclipse Junior Series, teatures a crisp, modern design, The El provides an elticient quarter lum latctl system: an easy»grolind galvanized back panel and an FTC style tip for superior protsciion against flowing liquids. The El l5 conveniently offered With a combined Type 12 and 4 rating. When environments get liars/i, enclosures must be even more durable, The Hammond line at VEMA 4X enclosures features nunrerous construction materials to suit varying corrosion resistance needs. Materials used include stainless steel, aluminum and libero/ass reinlorced polyester. NEMA 4X 304 Stainless Steel - over 250 SKU‘S - junction boxes, wall- mounts, iloormount and freestand- ing 316L Stainless Steel - over 150 SKU’s - junction boxes. wall- mounts and freestanding 14l4 NEMA AX Stainless Steel Enclosure Eclipse Stamless Steel Enclosure - Fiberglass Fleintorced Polyester - over 5C0 SKU's - Junction Box/ instrument cases, JIC boxes, wallmoullts Aluminum - over 20 SKU‘s » junc- tion boxes, wallmounts Aluminum Die cast - over 70 SKU’s - Junction box/instrument Cases ,9 4’ /) e in 1590 Dlecast Aluminum Enclosu res PJ Raised LId Polyester Enclosure Did you know? Chnnslng the appropriate construction material is important, as tne NEMA 4X rating is not a guarantee to corrosmn resistance in all circumstances. Acids, alkalis and solvents react differently to different materials, With our Wide and varied otter'ng, Hammond can help guide you lo the proper selection,
Disconnect enclosures feature cutouts lor cor:rpatibility will) flange inolint disconnect switches and circuit breaker operators. Uur units are compatible wit/l AHB, Allen-Bradley, [2-H Westinghouse, GE, ITE and Square D. NEMA12,NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X Wallmount - Allen Bradley i494V | compatible version, multi-vendor version it Floormount < standard="" and="" center="" p031="" cutout="" in="" mulli="" vendor="" versions="" 1‘="" freeslanding="" -="" 1-5="" door="" heavy="" duty="" and="" modular="" systems="" in="" multi="" vendor="" versions="" enidso="" single="" door="" zud="" double="" door="" uhd="" healy="" duly="" disconneci="" enclosure="" disconnect="" enclosures="" disconnect="" enclosures="" tile="" ileleility="" of="" our="" modular="" freestanding="" enclosure="" system="" permits="" stand-alone="" use="" or="" multiple="" applications="" to="" be="" combined="" in="" one="" continuous/y="" ioined="" sys‘leln.="" hammond="" systems="" come="" preconligured="" [or="" easy="" ordering="" and="" without="" costly="" assembly,="" nema12="" '="" hme="" means="" value="" hme="" series="" -="" single="" door="" units="" the="" hammond="" approach="" with="" 3="" heights,="" 4="" widths="" and="" 4="" i="" to="" modular="" frees-anoing="" depths="" _="" enclosures="" is="" l/alue.="" a="" luily="" hme="" series="" -="" double="" door="" unit="" 1="" assembiedunltsalfeslaboi="" hme="" series="" _="" flange="" mount="" costs.="" we="" ve="" also="" included="" disconneci="" version="" ipc="" series="" -="" industrial="" housing="" for="" cpu's,="" monitors,="" keyboards="" and="" peripherals="" -="" value="" added="" leaures="" a!="" hme="" hme="" lf’c="" pc="" "0="" sxue="" charge="" -="" locking="" single="" door="" double="" door="" enclosure="" hand/5.="" integralp/irthy="" and="" enclosure="" enclosure="" 17559="" dove!="" fills="" product="" group="" includes="" numerous="" enclosures="" to="" trollse="" components="" specifically="" designed="" to="" operator="" interface,="" flexible="" options="" permit="" the="" design="" it="" an="" ergonomic="" workstation.="" consoles="" -="" nema="" 12,="" 4="" and="" 4x="" .="" “i="" the="" teraplus="" sloped="" consoles,="" modular="" systems,="" ,="" ;="" suspensim="" system="" dalaterminatsfations="" o="" 0="" 0="" wrllannnnmodale="" suspension="" systems-enclosures.="" o="" 0="" t="" e‘="" 9””{05‘1’55="" and="" light="" to="" heavy="" duty="" swing="" arms="" .="" 0="" a="" i="" 7="" _="" :qjuglplge:="" will:="" fluell'bu“1"f"°[ffgresl-="" ml'qsfleeléd="" w="" fixed,="" mun-”g="" and="" s="" aln="" ess="" 5="" ea="" an="" i="" erg="" ass="" rein="" orc="" wing="" sysmm="" components,="" the="" poiyesler="" for="" both="" standard="" and="" 22mm="" ser'es="" 200”="" ”37="" pusm’u‘m"="" idea,="" configumm”="" can="" be="" c="" l="" t="" e="" |="" pushbuttons="" ”'50="" e="" no="" “we="" created="" for="" your="" applicalion,="">
To protect cabling projects like rnaclrine building and general plant wiring, Hammond offers a versatile system of sections. elbows, lee fittings and other components. NEMA1,3Hand12 \q Lay InWireway - NEMA 1 and NEMA 12 Hingai and / Screw Cover ‘pi Pull Through Wireway » Hinged Cover *1 Wrrrng Trough - NEMA 3H and NEMA 12 Type 1 Lawn 1455 WiringTrougn Where protection requirements are less severe, a commercial grade enclosure may be suitable. NEMA 1 are designed for indoor use and protect against incidental contact and a degree oi tailing dirt. Our/rill NEMA at? line is ideal for many orrldoor applications. NEMA 1 Contractor - boxes, splitters, meter cabinets NEMA 1 Panel Enclosures - over 70 SKU's - wallmoum and surface mount designs NEMA 3R Junction Boxes — over 50 SKU's NEMA 3F! Panel Enclosures — over 40 SKU‘s . . CSKO CSHSC N1J As a key enclosure accessory, Hammond otters an extensive climate control package. lln enclosure often houses heat-generating equipment, Left aiore, neat build up can negatively affect an electrical/electronic system '3 overall performance and perhaps cause failure. Also, some enclosures are exposed to extreme ambient temperatures, trollr cold and hot, wfich need climate control. 0 Cooling - air conditioners lNEMA 12. SR and 4.(), fans, blowers and litter grills 0 Heating - convection and forced air heaters - Controls and Ventilation , thermostats, humidstats, breather kits Air Conditioners Heaters Thermostats - Hardware - clamps, handles. latches and screws 0 Hole plugs - mild steel and stainless steel - Equipment Mounting - inner panels, swing panels, swing frames, DlN rails - Power bars - heavy duty industrial grade, 19" rack mount, vertical strips - Other - signal lights, cabinet lighting. window kits. casters. paint. etc, Ha'rdles Stack Lights Hole Plugs
Serving telecom/datarom and electronic applications. Hammond offers a wide variety of rack mount products and accessories (mill to EIA standards W purpose Contempra Series cabinets - commercial anc Type 12 versions. over 40 sizes. welded frame. variety oi door, top and side options, several stock colors REFK Series racks » economical knockdown unit, over 40 sizes, variety of door options, several stock colors Relay racks - aluminum and welded steel Tabletop - light and heavy duty cabinets, relay rack Wallmount cabinets - 3 piece swing out and open frame m ._.._.-..__ Pre»coniigured cabinets - networking, general Cable management , horizontal and vertical Cooling products - tan tops. tan trays, blowers es- — E Rack mount accessories - blank panels. shelves, drawers Extensive stock. and a rapid assembly. means you get your products last. Sina/i Electronics Cases Girlie] Sirips Elenlrnm‘c Transformers - Plastic - general purpose. miniature. - Metal outlet strips — Industrial grade, 0 Power transformers Tcases, heavy duty, hand held, low hospital grade, 15 or 20 Amp - Chokes and Reactors profile, consoles, instrument cases, - Rack mount power panels efront - Audio Transformers potting boxes receptacles, rear receptacles - Class 2 Energy Limiting Die cast Aluminum , general purpose, - Vertical outlet strips , multiple lengths, Translormers light duty watertight. heavy duty 15 or 20 amp - Pulse Transformers watertight, p_(;_ card guide . Surge suppressors - 200-2000 Joules - Line Transformers Metal - rack mountable. instrument ' Other ' international receptacles. cases. utility. chassis, sloped console plastic power barSi custom d95|9"5 Excellent modification capabilities ' Custom designs For Drawings, Product Information and More: Visit our W hsite www.hammondmig.com
Want more information on Hammond Products? Iiammrmdmlmom is the most up la dale resource fol all Hammond Producls. Easily access the product intormation you need - it’s iust a click away! Other Products Available trom Hammond CANADA Hammond Manilacturing Company Limited 394 Edinburgh Fd N,. Guelph. ON N1H1E5 F' (519) 8222963 I F [519) 822-076 sales@hammfg.:om Les Fabrications Hammond (Quebec) Inc. F’. (514) 343-901) I F. [514) 343-9941 saies@hammig.:om LISA Hammond Manutaoturing Company Inc. 475 Cayuga Rd. Cheektowaga. NY 14225 F. (716) 630-7030 I F. (716) 630-7042 saies@nammigmm Printed In Canada 20% [EC-I 120I3-001] m fl UNITED KINGDOM Hammond Electronics Limited 1 Onslow Ciose Kingstand Business Park Basingstoke, Hampshire. RG24 BQL F “341256 812812 | F +4A1256 332249 sales@hammond-elecrronics.co.uK AUSTRALIA Hammond Electronics Pty. Limited 11~13 Port Fld, Queenstown, SA 5014 F. +81 88240 22/14 I F. +6‘ 88240 2255 austialia@ hammlgoom ham mt9.com

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