- RAF is a leading supplier of electronic hardware and CNC precision turned components including spacers, standoffs, handles, ferrules, thumb screws, thumb nuts, shoulder screws, captive screws, jack screws, right angle contacts, miniature machining, and sub-assemblies. They offer metric and American standard hardware and components in a range of materials and finishes including NAS standoffs and spacers, electronic components, RF and Microwave, medical device components, and more. Quick turn and custom design services are also available. RAF has a dedicated precision machining department and advanced in-house plating and finishing capabilities, offering over 40 different finishes.

RAF Catalog

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RAF's product line includes the following: standoffs, spacers, handles & ferrules, standoffs, screws, retainers, nuts, washers, swaging tools, and plastic circuit board supports. Learn More

Quick Turn Department

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RAF’s Quick-Turn department features a manufacturing cell with dedicated equipment that can have product to you in days or weeks, depending on your needs. Learn More

Large Diameter Spacers

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RAF Spacers are available with round profiles in both American and Metric dimensions. In addition to standard models, swage configurations are available to accommodate circuit boards with a thickness from 1/32” to 1/4”. Learn More

Featured Products

Image of RAF Male-Female Standoffs

Male-Female Standoffs

RAF offers male-female standoffs which are used for printed circuit board mounting and other applications requiring close controls of dimensions. Learn More

Image of RAF Handles and Ferrules

Handles and Ferrules

RAF offers 11 attractive and functional handle lines for applications ranging from rack-mounted equipment to stylish carrying cases. Learn More

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Separadores de agujero transparentes de gran diámetro

Los separadores de orificios transparentes de gran diámetro de RAF para aplicaciones industriales están disponibles en tamaños estándar, diversos materiales y acabados, y opciones personalizadas. Obtener más información

Separadores de estampado

Los separadores y espaciadores de estampado de RAF vienen con vástagos lisos y estriados, y estrías delanteras, traseras o delanteras, y traseras. Obtener más información

Espaciadores y separadores de nailon

RAF ofrece una gama de separadores y espaciadores de nailon mecanizados y moldeados. Los espaciadores de nailon son duraderos, livianos y económicos. Obtener más información

Tornillos y retenedores de panel cautivo

Los tornillos y retenedores de paneles cautivos de RAF garantizan un montaje sencillo y seguro y son invaluables para los paneles de equipos donde el hardware de montaje está sujeto a pérdidas. Obtener más información

Tornillos pulgar de perilla y tornillos cilíndricos D-Sub

Los tornillos de pulgar de RAF tienen una superficie de cabeza de cuerda diamantada fácil de agarrar y ofrecen la facilidad de montaje y desmontaje sin herramientas para muchas aplicaciones. Obtener más información

Tornillos Jack

Los tornillos para RAF Electronic Hardware están disponibles en acero con placa de zinc según ASTM-B-633 (cromato amarillo) con longitudes de rosca de 3/16" a 3/4". Obtener más información

Tools & Support

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Conversion Table

Decimal Equivalents & Metric Conversions For Electronic Hardware. Learn More

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Quick Turn Department

RAF has dedicated equipment that can have product to you in days or weeks, depending on your needs. Learn More

Image of RAF's NAS Fasteners

NAS Fasteners

RAF Electronic Hardware is currently building inventory of our NAS Fasteners, with all parts being made directly to National Aerospace Standards specifications. Adding this new line of NAS precision fasteners and hardware will expand our offerings. Learn More

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Plating/Finish Codes and Descriptions

RAF has over 45 different finishes including iridite, gold iridite, nickel, zinc, hot tin dip, electro tin, various color anodize, black oxide, brushed, satin, and passivation. Most plating is done in house, enabling a quick turn around. Learn More

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