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Donald Bell Maker Update Episode 38: Scrub-a-Dub

4/2/2020 | By Staff

This week on Maker Update, 20 seconds of Spotify from your soap pump, MIT’s $100 open source ventilator, safe tools for kids, and the Hackaday calendar of virtual events.

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++Show Notes [Maker Update #168]++

-=Project of the Week=-

Scrubber Plays Spotify Jams While You Wash Your Hands by Deep Local


NIH-Approved 3D Printed Face Shield

Scuba mask ventilator

3D Printing Company Issinova Hacks Consumer Snorkeling Masks for Ventilator Use

MIT Will Post Free Plans Online for an Emergency Ventilator That Can Be Built for $100

MIT E-Vent Official Page

-=More projects=-

3D Print Ventilator Valves By rabbitcreek

Cute Little Virus POM POMS By TechnoChic


Krylon Easy-Tack Adhesive Spray

Introducing The Hackaday Calendar Of Virtual Events

Safer Tools For Your Kids by Jude Pullen

Old Cabinet Makers trick for fixing a BAD wood joint by See Jane Drill

-=Digi-Key Spotlight=-

Digi-Key Remains Open for Shipping Orders


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