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#FixAtHome Campaign

4/3/2020 | By Kevin Walseth

Please join us by participating in the iFixit #FixAtHome Campaign. Whether you work from home, are restricted to your home due to government mandates, or are only home in the evenings; it is always a great time to fix things. I personally love to fix things, but I also tend to break more than I fix. However, that isn’t going to stop me from continuing. I have used everything from large hammers to precision iFixit tools to fix things around my home and in the office. This campaign is also a great opportunity to involve kids and use it as a learning tool. Something as simple as taking an old vacuum apart and cleaning it can show the value of a little work.

Repairing things at home can be very rewarding for everyone. I recently watched my 5-year-old son sneak a screwdriver out of the drawer and spend about 20 minutes trying to take a screw off his toy firetruck. I watched the entire time without intervening (he didn’t see me watching him). When he was able to replace the battery and put the screw back in – the smile on his face said it all. He was so proud, as was I.

Fixing at home is not always successful, and that’s OK! Here is a funny story; I was asked to replace a screen on an iPhone (which I have done many times) so I agreed with no questions. I used my trusty iFixit tool kit to finish this process quickly and safely. But I learned very quickly how dangerous lithium batteries can be. When I was clipping the screen back in after a successful test, there was a screw on top of the battery that I didn’t see that punctured the battery. The amount of smoke and heat (allegedly even some flames) was insane. I rushed it outside and threw it in the snowbank, burning my hand in the process. I am a firefighter which just makes the jokes start flowing. This is something I will never live down.

The goal is to never give up when trying to #FixAtHome. There are, on average, 300,000 items in the American home. There must be at least one thing that is broken. Join the challenge and share with everyone your #FixAtHome story. Use the #FixAtHome on your favorite social media platform.

Keep Fixing!