Hoja de datos de M20-003 Drawing de Harwin Inc.

Customer Information Sheet DRAWTNG Mm. M20700} SHEET 2 ()F 2 I IF IN DOUBT ' ASK NOT TO SCALE THTRD ANGLE PROJECTTON ALL DTMENSIONS TN mm 500 T.35 o 50 030 MAX in“ 0.T0x45°4> e I50 SE 9 TT.04.|3 ”993 NAME ISS, DATE CINOTE NOTES: T F PER BAG 003E APPROVED: S.FLOWER I, PACKED TN OUANTI TES 0 |00 , L V 5mm): M mm) DRAWN. K SHTER CUSTOMER REF ’ ASSEMELV DRG ms mm m» m mums MATERTAL: mu BflA D W-N L"I3’}'k"s‘&"$u"misrfg’h‘mvé x il LOOSE g - "W annss mun To as [N mm '1 "363%:HAS/T353333” H 025mm lCuZA39Pb3) POLAR‘S‘NG MN MW? All) MUST no! 5: XXX 0 |0mm , . COPTED X XX I , www haywin com :T‘STC§?K:EL%TGL‘%E‘;§2§TEET“°' ANZLES 0:52” FTNTSH’ 2,. mm DRAWTNG NUMBER, 25m I I ll HI ; M20 ' 003 or likPnPosUlqu TNT" ‘ ”WWW ‘ V" W" MEN: Mm. miéfim muss 5mm WEEK m’