- UDOO is a joint effort between SECO and AIDILAB to deliver a new and powerful tool to the DIY, IoT and Educational markets. UDOO integrates in the same PCB a single board computer based on a Freescale i.MX6 multicore ARM processor and an integrated Arduino Due interface board. All the Arduino Due shields are fully compatible with UDOO, and the Arduino IDE running on the i.MX6 can be used to create Arduino sketches and upload them directly on the Arduino part of UDOO.


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UDOO Projects are based on an unique ecosystem with open-source tools that give you access to cutting-edge technologies. Learn More


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UDOO Tutorials are geared for the beginner to the advanced UDOO users. Learn More

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SBO2 Intel® x86 Based Single Board Computers (SBCs)

UDOO's SBO2 family of SBCs come with a eMMC and SSD storage interface, one HDMI, two MiniDP video outputs, and Gigabit Ethernet making them perfect for gaming, education, and digital signage applications. Learn More

UDOO Neo Development Board

UDOO offers Neo, a low-cost, Arduino UNO compatible SBC with the power of Freescale's i.MX 6SoloX applications processor. Learn More

Quad Prototyping Board

UDOO's Quad is a powerful, easy-to-use prototyping board for software development and design. Learn More

Dual Prototyping Board

UDOO's Dual Arduino-compatible board can be used with both Android and Linux OS, allowing for easy project development with minimal hardware knowledge required. Learn More

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Remote Meteorological Station with UDOO – pt 2: web server, PHP & Python

This is the second part of the tutorial for the development of the Meteo Station based and controlled with UDOO.

Remote Meteorological Station with UDOO – pt 1: Sensors and LEDs

This is the first part of a project which will help you to create a remote meteorological station that monitors humidity, temperature and pressure.

Android and Arduino on UDOO – Simple Hello World tutorial

In this tutorial we’ll see how to implement an Android App and an Arduino sketch that exploit UDOO’s potentials thanks to the ADK (Accessory Development Kit).

Getting started with Arduino-IDE on UDOO

In this tutorial you’re going to learn how to write, upload and execute your first Arduino-compatible sketch on UDOO. In nerd’s jargon this is usually referred as “Hello World”, aka the first basic command you give to a device.

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