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3MACL Staticide IncBanner Engineering CorporationBrady CorporationCAIG Laboratories, Inc.ChemtronicsConta-Clip, Inc.DescoEssentra ComponentsiFixitMENDA/EasyBraidMG ChemicalsMicro-Measurements (Division of Vishay Precision Group)MicroCare Corporation
-*844WBACL Staticide®Charge-Guard™Chempad™ControlWipes™Coventry™ Cleanroom Chamois™Coventry™ Econowipes™Coventry™, Poly-Onyx™Coventry™, Poly-Wipes™DeoxIT®
-BagBottleBoxBulkCanCanisterCaseDispenserPailRetail Package
Product Status
ActiveDiscontinued at Digi-KeyNot For New DesignsObsolete
Cleaner, Treatment Type
-Booth CoatingBurnishing RestorerCheeseclothCleanerCleaner, AntistaticCleaner, RestorerCleaning ClothCleaning StationCoating, AntistaticDesiccantDust Control
-Antibacterial WashAntibacterial Wash, MoisturizingCarpets, FabricsCleaning, Dust RemovalCritical TasksDelicate TasksDisplays, MonitorsElectronic EquipmentElectronic Equipment, Mats, SurfacesFloorsGlass, Plastics
25" L x 3.9" W38" L x 3.9" W-Abrasion Resistant, Plastic Safe, Solvent Resistant, TranslucentAcid Resistant, Anti-Static, Dielectric to 8300V/mil, InsulatingAlcohol FreeAnti-FogAnti-Fog, General PurposeAnti-StaticAnti-Static DispenserAnti-Static Dispenser, CFC Free, Lint Free, Low VOC, Non-ToxicAnti-Static Dispenser, Low Lint
500ml850mL11 (10 ea 12" L x 12" W)1 (10" L x 10" W)1 (100 ea 12" L x 12" W)1 (100 ea 4" L x 4" W)1 (100 ea 9" L x 9" W)1 (119 ea 11.8" L x 11.8" W)1 (12" L x 12" W)1 (1200 ea 2.125" L x 2.125" W)1 (1200 ea 2.75" L x 2.375" W)
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