Omni-Directional Microphone Elements

Mallory introduces omni-directional microphones offering a current consumption of 0.5 mA (max.)

Image of Mallory Sonalert's Omni-Directional Microphone ElementsMallory Sonalert Products is pleased to introduce a line of omni-directional microphone elements that utilize electret condenser and dynamic technology. All microphone elements in this series have an operating voltage range of 1 V to 10 V and are available with diameters ranging from 4 mm to 9.7 mm. They offer an array of termination options including solder tabs, PC pins, wires, and one model with solderless bullseye termination (P/N PMO-4015MN-42HXQ) that also comes in tape-n-reel packaging. All elements have a maximum impedance of 2.2 kΩ and a S/N ratio of more than 58 dB. The sensitivity of these microphones meets or exceeds the ratings of comparable microphone elements on the market.

  • Voice recognition devices
    • Consumer
    • Industrial
    • Medical
    • Military markets
  • Sound recognition
  • Noise sensing
  • Recording equipment
  • Telecommunication equipment

Omni-Directional Microphone Elements

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
MIC MAG ANLG OMNI -39DB 9.7X4.5PMOF-9745P-39UQMIC MAG ANLG OMNI -39DB 9.7X4.51758 - ImmediateView Details
MIC MAG ANLG OMNI -42DB 4X1.5MMPMO-4015PN-42KDQMIC MAG ANLG OMNI -42DB 4X1.5MM451 - ImmediateView Details
MIC MAG ANLG OMNI -40DB 6X2.7MMPMO-6027P-40KDQMIC MAG ANLG OMNI -40DB 6X2.7MM543 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2016-12-08