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Technical Data 10764 Effective February 2018
Product features
For 1/4” x 1” (6.3 mm x 25 mm) to 1/4” x 1
1/16” (6.3 mm x 27 mm) fuses
Can be used with Bussmann Series TCP70,
AGX, and TDC180 fuses
250 V, 30 A rated
Vibration resistant
Thermoset fuse holder body and cap
Standard thermoplastic nut
Optional accessories available
Telecom power distribution
Electronics and small appliance circuits
Industrial control circuits
Localized lighting controls
Agency information
UL Recognition: File IZLT2.E19180
Environmental data
+150 °C maximum
Meets UL94HB flamability
Terminal strength: 5 lbs
Mounting torque: 20 in-lbs
Salt spray (corrosion): Test condition B
1/4” x 1” to 1 1/16” Panel mount fuse holder
—7 2 575 MAX «m Fm: mm 1 5n 2 155 : ms .7 :94 :2: W W71 7 j \ [2541‘ i ,7 m, PANELMOUNTING \ FR WE +1 +4‘» 505 2 i W 7 l W m: “w mummy. Funmedfiwe c J/JZ“ um um» bwu‘m mm my momma Fawemgflvsm rWormw‘ne
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February 2018
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Technical Data 10764
Effective February 2018
1/4” x 1” to 1 1/16” Panel mount fuse holder
Ordering details
Fuse holder
Catalog number Ordering code
Part number Feature 10 pcs per carton 100 pcs per carton 10 pcs per carton 100 pcs per carton
HJM Standard solder tabs HJM BK/HJM HJM BK-HJM
HJM-HH 1/4” Quick connects HJM-HH BK/HJM-HH HJM-HH BK-HJM-HH
Optional accessories
Part number Catalog number Ordering code Description
1A4806-2 BK/1A4806-2 BK-1A4806-2 100 metal nuts
1A4287 BK/1A4287 BK-1A4287 100 plastic nuts
9435-1/2 9435-1/2 9435-1-2 10 fuse caps/carriers
9732 9732 9732 10 neoprene washers
9435-1/2 BK/9435-1/2 BK-9435-1-2 100 fuse caps/carriers
9732 BK/9732 BK-9732 100 neoprene washers
Dimensions- inches