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Johanson Manufacturing
Seal-Trim® Series
Johanson Manufacturing
Thin-Trim® Series
Knowles Voltronics
4_HV Series

Thin-Trim® Series

Trimmers, Variable Capacitors

Johanson Manufacturing

The thin-trim capacitors are ideal for applications where size and performance are most critical. These single-turn capacitors exhibit remarkable electrical characteristics for their small size.

  • RF amplifier
  • LC filters and networks
  • Broadband wireless LAN
  • Medical devices
  • Cordless and cellular phones
  • DR/crystal oscillator
  • Features:General Purpose
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Operating Temperature:-55°C ~ 125°C
  • Voltage - Rated:250V

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9402-29402-2CAP TRIMMER 2.5-10PF 250V SMD ----RoHS
9702-1SL-19702-1SL-1CAP TRIMMER 1-5PF 250V SMD ----RoHS
9401-1SL-19401-1SL-1CAP TRIMMER 0.5-1.3PF 250V SMD ----RoHS
9401-0SL-19401-0SL-1CAP TRIMMER 0.25-0.7PF 250V SMD ----RoHS
9702-19702-1CAP TRIMMER 1-5PF 250V SMD ----RoHS
9702-2SL-19702-2SL-1CAP TRIMMER 2.5-10PF 250V SMD ----RoHS
9701-0SL-19701-0SL-1CAP TRIMMER 0.25-0.7PF 250V SMD ----RoHS
9702-0SL-1R39702-0SL-1R3CAP TRIMMER 0.5-2.5PF 250V SMD ----RoHS
9402-69402-6CAP TRIMMER 6-25PF 250V SMD ----RoHS
9410-29410-2CAP TRIMMER 4-18PF 250V SMD 250V-700 @ 100MHz-RoHS
9402-19402-1CAP TRIMMER 1-5PF 250V SMD 250V-1000 @ 100MHz1 ~ 5pFRoHS
9410-19410-1CAP TRIMMER 2.5-10PF 250V SMD 250V-1000 @ 100MHz2.5 ~ 10pFRoHS
9402-09402-0CAP TRIMMER 0.5-2.5PF 250V SMD 250V--0.5 ~ 2.5pFRoHS
9701-0SL-1R39701-0SL-1R3CAP TRIMMER 0.25-0.7PF 250V SMD 250VCeramic1000 @ 100MHz0.25 ~ 0.7pFRoHS
9402-0SL-1R39402-0SL-1R3CAP TRIMMER 0.5-2.5PF 250V SMD 250V--0.5 ~ 2.5pFRoHS
9702-29702-2CAP TRIMMER 2.5-10PF 250V SMD 250VCeramic1000 @ 100MHz2.5 ~ 10pFRoHS
9702-0SL-19702-0SL-1CAP TRIMMER 0.5-2.5PF 250V SMD 250VCeramic-0.5 ~ 2.5pFRoHS
9402-1SL-19402-1SL-1CAP TRIMMER 1-5PF 250V SMD 250V-1000 @ 100MHz1 ~ 5pFRoHS
9410-09410-0CAP TRIMMER 1-4.5PF 250V SMD 250V-1000 @ 100MHz1 ~ 4.5pFRoHS
9402-6SL-19402-6SL-1CAP TRIMMER 6-25PF 250V SMD 250V-300 @ 100MHz6 ~ 25pFRoHS
9402-0SL-19402-0SL-1CAP TRIMMER 0.5-2.5PF 250V SMD 250V--0.5 ~ 2.5pFRoHS
9410-259410-25CAP TRIMMER 5-25PF 250V SMD 250V-200 @ 100MHz5 ~ 25pFRoHS

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