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OMAP35x Series
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OMAP35x Series

LPD's System on Module based on Texas Instrument's OMAP35x processors

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The OMAP35x System on Module (SOM) is a compact, product ready hardware and software solution that fast forwards embedded designs. The Torpedo System on Module (SOM) is an ultra compact form factor based on Texas Instruments’ OMAP 3 processor family.

Product Description

Based on Texas Instruments’ OMAP™ 3 processor family and designed in the SOM-LV Type III form factor, the OMAP35x module offers essential features for handheld and embedded networking applications. The OMAP35x SOM-LV features the superset OMAP3530 processor, but also supports the OMAP3503 processor.

The SOM-LV is an off the shelf solution that reduces development risks associated with the complex design and manufacturing details of the OMAP 3 processor. The standard SOM-LV form factor allows developers to reuse existing baseboard designs when upgrading to OMAP processors, which extends roadmap possibilities for their end-product.

The OMAP35x Torpedo SOM provides a dime sized module solution for applications that require low power and high performance within tight space constraints. By using the 0.4 mm BGA pitch OMAP processor that leverages Package-on-Package (PoP) technology, the Torpedo SOM requires 45% less surface area and 12% less volume when compared to the equivalent OMAP 0.65 mm BGA package and external memory solution.

A discrete design using the 0.4 mm BGA package requires advanced PCB technologies that result in higher board costs in addition to PoP technology which requires specialized manufacturing assembly processes. The Torpedo SOM solves these development complexities; as a result, customers can design lower cost baseboards and utilize common manufacturing procedures while still benefiting from the small package OMAP35x processor and PoP technology.

SOM-LV Applications
  • Patient monitoring
  • Medical imaging
  • Card payment terminals
  • Bar code readers
  • CCTV cameras
  • Intruder alarms
Torpedo SOM Applications
  • Point of care medical devices
  • Bar code readers
  • Handheld radios
  • Mobile devices
  • Netbooks
  • CCTV cameras
  • Connector Type:Board-to-Board (BTB) Socket - 200
  • Core Processor:ARM® Cortex®-A8, OMAP3530
  • Flash Size:512MB
  • Module/Board Type:MPU Core
  • Operating Temperature:-40°C ~ 85°C
  • RAM Size:256MB
  • Size / Dimension:0.59" x 1.06" (15mm x 27mm)
  • Speed:600MHz
Associated Product
Beacon EmbeddedWorks SDK-DM3730-30-256512R
Category: Semiconductors, Development Tools-Development Boards, Kits, Programmers-Evaluation Boards - Embedded - MCU, DSP-SOM
Beacon EmbeddedWorks LPD-SOM-CLIP1
Category: Semiconductors, Development Tools-Development Boards, Kits, Programmers-Accessories