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Crystek Corporation
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Crystek Corporation
DSP Radio Series
SiT3907 Series
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DSP Radio Series

Chipset Crystals and Oscillators

Crystek Corporation

98.304MHz 5 x 7mm surface mount oscillator 3.3 V ±50 ppm.

Product Description

Crystek Crystals Corporation has worked with Chip Set manufactures to develop frequency control solutions that are compatible with the specific Chip Set. Crystek has assigned specific part numbers to these qualified designs. As with all design work it is sometimes necessary to alter the frequency for a customer specific application and the engineering team at Crystek is available to assist with crystal design modifications.

  • Base Resonator:Crystal
  • Frequency:98.304MHz
  • Frequency Stability:±50ppm
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Voltage - Supply:1.8V ~ 3.3V

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601107601107XTAL OSC 98.3040MHZ SMD Crystal-98.304MHz--RoHS
601251601251XTAL OSC 98.3040MHZ SMD Crystal-98.304MHz-4-SMD, No LeadRoHS
601252601252XTAL OSC 98.3040MHZ SMD Crystal-98.304MHz-4-SMD, No LeadRoHS

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