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Rose Enclosures
291x Series
Rose Enclosures
Aluform Series
Rose Enclosures
Aluminum 01 Enclosures

Aluform Series

Watertight Aluminum Enclosures

Rose Enclosures

Rose’s Aluform enclosures are stylish, diecast aluminum enclosures specifically designed for rugged electronic instrumentation applications. Hardware comes included.

Product Description

Aluform enclosures feature an attractive beveled lid and are designed with a lower profile height than Rose’s standard diecast aluminum 01 series housings. Internal mounting bosses in the base and lid provide convenience for component installation. Hinges, and one-piece external brackets are available as options. A watertight Aluform enclosure includes a powder-coat painted diecast base and lid, captive stainless steel lid screws and a polyurethane gasket as the standard configuration. The unpainted version comes with a neoprene gasket.

  • Watertight
  • Lower profile than 01 series of enclosures
  • Impact resistance: >7Nm, EN50014
  • Captive lid screws
  • Polyurethane gasket for painted version
    • Temperature range: -40°F to 194°F
  • Neoprene gasket for unpainted version
    • Temperature range: -40°F to 212°F
  • Color:Gray
  • Container Type:Box
  • Design:Cover Included
  • Features:PCB Supports, Watertight
  • Material:Metal, Aluminum
  • Ratings:IP66, NEMA 1,2,4,4X, UL-508
  • Shipping Info:Shipped from Digi-Key

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041624080041624080BOX ALUM GRAY 9.45"L X 6.3"W Box9.449" L x 6.299" W (240.00mm x 160.00mm)3.189" (81.00mm)59.5in² (384cm²)RoHS
041016060041016060BOX ALUM GRAY 3.94"L X 6.3"W Box3.937" L x 6.299" W (100.00mm x 160.00mm)2.402" (61.00mm)24.8in² (160cm²)RoHS
041422070041422070BOX ALUM GRAY 8.66"L X 5.51"W Box8.661" L x 5.512" W (220.00mm x 140.00mm)2.854" (72.50mm)47.7in² (308cm²)RoHS
042028070042028070BOX ALUM GRAY 11.02"L X 7.87"W Box11.024" L x 7.874" W (280.00mm x 200.00mm)2.854" (72.50mm)86.8in² (560cm²)RoHS
041418070041418070BOX ALUM GRAY 7.09"L X 5.51"W Box7.087" L x 5.512" W (180.00mm x 140.00mm)2.795" (71.00mm)39.1in² (252cm²)RoHS
041216080041216080BOX ALUM GRAY 4.72"L X 6.3"W Box4.724" L x 6.299" W (120.00mm x 160.00mm)3.189" (81.00mm)29.8in² (192cm²)RoHS
042020070042020070BOX ALUM GRAY 7.87"L X 7.87"W Box7.874" L x 7.874" W (200.00mm x 200.00mm)2.854" (72.50mm)62.0in² (400cm²)RoHS
040812080040812080BOX ALUM GRAY 4.72"L X 3.15"W Box4.724" L x 3.150" W (120.00mm x 80.00mm)3.189" (81.00mm)14.9in² (96cm²)RoHS
041212080041212080BOX ALUM GRAY 4.72"L X 4.72"W Box4.724" L x 4.724" W (120.00mm x 120.00mm)3.189" (81.00mm)22.3in² (144cm²)RoHS
041616080041616080BOX ALUM GRAY 6.3"L X 6.3"W Box6.299" L x 6.299" W (160.00mm x 160.00mm)3.189" (81.00mm)39.7in² (256cm²)RoHS
041020060041020060BOX ALUM GRAY 3.94"L X 7.87"W Box3.937" L x 7.874" W (100.00mm x 200.00mm)2.402" (61.00mm)31.0in² (200cm²)RoHS

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