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CTS Resistor Products
74x Series
CTS Resistor Products
752 Series
CTS Resistor Products
753 Series

752 Series

80mW and 160mW, 2% Tolerance, Surface Mount

CTS Resistor Products

High Density, Low Profile, Thick Film Resistor Network Arrays

Product Description

CTS provides resistor networks that deliver high-performance line terminations to minimize channel capacitance and crosstalk for many termination configurations. Their resistor products utilize solid ceramic packaging to offer better thermal properties, higher operating temperatures and more resistors per square inch over similar sized molded products.

  • High density packaging
  • Low profile
  • Inputs/outputs available
  • Nickel barrier solder-coated pads
  • Designed for visual inspection of solder joints
  • Designed for board cleaning
  • Compatible with solder reflow process
  • Height - Seated (Max):0.100" (2.53mm)
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Number of Pins:8 ~ 10
  • Number of Resistors:4 ~ 9
  • Operating Temperature:-55°C ~ 125°C
  • Package / Case:8-SRT ~ 10-SRT
  • Power Per Element:80mW ~ 160mW
  • Resistance (Ohms):680 ~ 100k
  • Temperature Coefficient:±200ppm/°C
  • Tolerance:±2%

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752091472GPTR7752091472GPTR7RES ARRAY 8 RES 4.7K OHM 9SRT Bussed4.7k±2%89-SRTRoHS
752091103GP752091103GPRES ARRAY 8 RES 10K OHM 9SRT Bussed10k±2%89-SRTRoHS
752091102GPTR7752091102GPTR7RES ARRAY 8 RES 1K OHM 9SRT Bussed1k±2%89-SRTRoHS
752091681GPTR7752091681GPTR7RES ARRAY 8 RES 680 OHM 9SRT Bussed680±2%89-SRTRoHS
752101102GPTR7752101102GPTR7RES ARRAY 9 RES 1K OHM 10SRT Bussed1k±2%910-SRTRoHS
752091222GPTR7752091222GPTR7RES ARRAY 8 RES 2.2K OHM 9SRT Bussed2.2k±2%89-SRTRoHS
752091104GPTR7752091104GPTR7RES ARRAY 8 RES 100K OHM 9SRT Bussed100k±2%89-SRTRoHS
752091223GPTR7752091223GPTR7RES ARRAY 8 RES 22K OHM 9SRT Bussed22k±2%89-SRTRoHS
752091103GPTR7752091103GPTR7RES ARRAY 8 RES 10K OHM 9SRT Bussed10k±2%89-SRTRoHS
752101103GPTR7752101103GPTR7RES ARRAY 9 RES 10K OHM 10SRT Bussed10k±2%910-SRTRoHS
752083103GPTR7752083103GPTR7RES ARRAY 4 RES 10K OHM 8SRT Isolated10k±2%48-SRTRoHS
752083472GPTR7752083472GPTR7RES ARRAY 4 RES 4.7K OHM 8SRT Isolated4.7k±2%48-SRTRoHS

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