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2009 MicroPuck Series
LEDdynamics Inc.
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2009 MicroPuck Series

1W, 1.5W Compact Constant Current LED Supplies

LEDdynamics Inc.

The 2009A MicroPuck is a versatile, compact solution for powering high power LEDs from low DC voltages. The 2009A was designed to power 1 high power LED, or strings of 5mm (T 1-3/4) LEDs, efficiently and with stability.

Product Description

This driver provides maximum illumination to the LED while still mimicking the light drop-off of an incandescent bulb, which dims as the batteries are used up. Unlike an incandescent bulb, the driver's current consumption drops at very low voltages, allowing usable light to be produced by the LED much longer than conventional flashlights. Battery recovery (after the flashlight has been turned off) is also improved. The 2009A is supplied with 24 AWG 6" colored leads.

  • Low cost
  • Safety and reliability
  • Battery tracking
  • Small size
  • Drop in replacement bulbs
  • Pen lights
  • Solar lighting
  • Road markers
  • Portable lighting and flashlights
  • Head lamps and camp light
  • Flashing and strobe lighting
  • Cabinet and display case lighting
  • Current - Output (Max):350mA ~ 500mA
  • Efficiency:80%
  • Mounting Type:Chassis Mount
  • Number of Outputs:1
  • Operating Temperature:-40°C ~ 85°C
  • Power (Watts):1.5W
  • Size / Dimension:0.45" L x 0.30" W x 0.26" H (11.5mm x 7.6mm x 6.6mm)
  • Termination Style:Wire Leads
  • Topology:Boost
  • Type:Constant Current
  • Voltage - Input (Max):3V
  • Voltage - Input (Min):0.8V
  • Voltage - Output:8V

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2009-SHO2009-SHOLED DRIVER CC BOOST 8V 500MA Constant CurrentBoost10.8VRoHS
20092009LED DRIVER CC BOOST 8V 350MA Constant CurrentBoost10.8VRoHS

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