Line Protection, Backups

Devices designed to keep electronic instruments safe from surges, and short power outages. Instruments used to allow several electronic instruments to be used from one power source/outlet. Devices used to convert from direct current to alternating current.

Surge Protection Surge Protection Devices that are designed to allow for protection from electrical surges built into them. These devices may also have multiple outlets for power from a single source.
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DC-AC Power Inverters DC-AC Power Inverters Devices that take a direct current input and provide an alternating current output.
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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems An uninterruptible power supply is used to keep power to external devices for a couple of minutes during a power outage.
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Line Conditioners Line Conditioners Devices that provide a steady spike free (clean) output from the normal line power.
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Accessories Accessories Supplementary items used with other devices in this category.
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